Previous Speakers for ADN’s Special Sessions

28 January 2022 –Reducing Avoidable Disaster Deaths through Effective Mitigation and Response

Professor Mehdi Zaré (he/him) from the International Institute of Earthquake Engineering and Seismology (IIEES) and the Department of Basic Science at the Academy of Sciences in Tehran, Iran presented on ‘Reducing avoidable deaths from water crisis, floods, and drought through effective mitigation measures in Iran’.

Dr. Mohammad Reza Nikoo (he/him) from the Department of Civil and Architectural Engineering at the Sultan Qaboos University, Oman and a Member of the Iranian Federation of Young Elite presented on ‘Reducing flood risk through effective management measures in Tehran, Iran’

Ms. Sanam Moghimi (she/her) from the National Laboratory of Civil Engineering within the Structural Engineering Department at the LNEC, Lisbon presented on ‘Reducing earthquake deaths from effective seismic code in Lisbon’

Mr. Mostafa Mohaghegh (he/him) from UNESCAP presented on ‘Experience of coordinating disaster response to save lives’.

It was organised by the Avoidable Deaths Network (ADN) in collaboration with the University of Tehran. Dr. Khadije Norouzi Khatiri and Dr. Nibedita Ray-Bennett chaired the Special Session.

16 June 2021 – Reducing Deaths and Injuries from Residential Fire through Human Perspective

Dr Christian Morgner from the University of Sheffield presented on ‘A Person-Centred Approach to Fire Safety ‘. Please click here for the presentation.

Gill Kernick from JMJ Associate presented on ‘Systemic Change: On Myths and Disruption’ . Please click here for the presentation.

 Mr Phil Murphy, a High-Rise Residential Building Fire Safety Management advisor presented on ‘High-Rise Residential Building (HRRB) Evacuation Factcheck’ . Please click here for the presentation.

This was an open session facilitated by Shared Aim

7 May 2021 – Special Session on Let’s Talk About Silent Deaths

Mr Hari Krishna from UNDP presented on ‘Million Bites and Avoidable Deaths in our Streets’

Mr Ashis Biswas from Tagore Society for Rural Development presented on ‘Sudden Death in the Sundarbans’

4 March 2021 – Special Session on Disaster Risk Management – Discourses from Asia and Latin America

Dr Hideyuki Shiroshita from Kansai University presented on ‘Implementation of Disaster Risk Education for Tsunami Hazard in Osaka, Japan’

Dr Holmes Páez from Pontificia Universidad Javeriana presented on ‘Disasters, Reconstructions and Climate Change in Colombia  and Latin America’

Dr Richard Kotter from Northumbria University presented on ‘Thinking Service Design for Improvements in Emergency Preparedness and Response: Cases from Pakistan (Lahore, Punjab and Azad Jammu and Kashmir, AJK) and the International Emergency Team UK

5 February 2021 – Special Session on Responding to Domestic Fires and Coastal Flooding: Lessons from UK, India and Cambodia

Dr Nibedita Ray-Bennett from the University of Leicester presented on ‘Principles of Disaster Response: Lessons from Odisha, India’

Mr David Wales from SharedAim presented on ‘The UK Fire and Rescue Service – an overview and research insights’

Dr Amaka Adekoya presented on ‘Factors affecting Fire Emergency Response in Nigeria; the TCIF Perspective’

Mrs Denise Corsel from the University of Leicester presented on ‘Lessons from the Livelihood-Based Flood Response in Cambodia’

4 December 2020 – Special Session on Let’s Talk About Avoidable Deaths: Views from Multiple Sectors

Professor Prabhat Jha from the University of Toronto and the Centre for Global Health Research at St. Michael’s Hospital presented on ‘Avoidable Mortality in India: Lessons from the Million Death Study’

Mr Gowri Shankar from Kalinga Centre for Rainforest Ecology (KCRE), and Kalinga Foundation presented on ‘Deaths in the Snakebite Capital of the World: India’

Mr Gatkuoth Simon Kai from African Union Commission presented on ‘Progress on the Implementation of the Africa Programme of Action (PoA) for the Implementation of the Sendai Framework for Disaster Risk Reduction (SFDRR) 2015-2030’

Ms Ashley Wolfington from the International Planned Parenthood Federation presented on ‘Using the MISP to reduce excess mortality and morbidity in humanitarian crisis’

Dr. Afsana Alamgir Khan from the National Malaria Elimination and Aedes Transmission Disease Control Program, Bangladesh presented on ‘Avoidable Malaria Deaths in Bangladesh in 2020’