Our resources encompass our 1. Innovations, 2. Newsletters, 3. ADN Junior Champion Magazine, 4. Bulletins, 5. Annual Reports, 6. Annual Achievements Posters, 7. Project Outputs, 8. Event Outputs, 9. Relevant Publications, 10. Repository of Snakebite Information, 11. Repository of COVID-19 Information, 12. Videos and Podcasts, and 13. Photo Gallery.


Our innovations relate directly to our fourth activity and include:

  • Knowledge-Exchange Network (KEN)
  • Avoidable Deaths Framework (ADF)
  • Facility and Crisis Reproductive Health Kits
  • Integrated Intervention Package RHCC
  • Systems Failure Approach


The annual Newsletter (ISSN 2435-2608) is published in winter and features research and reflective articles, perspectives on avoidable deaths and updates on Sendai goals one and two.

ADN Junior Champion Magazine

The ADN Junior Champion Magazine (ISSN 2759-0380) is led by Junior Champions and features the voices of the children and of those who are particularly on the frontline bearing the brunt of climate change and extreme weather events, every day.


Our Bulletins are released seasonally and announce our upcoming events which are held around the world.

Annual Reports

Our Annual Reports are from August to July and are published annually.

Annual Achievements Posters

Our Annual Achievements Posters are from January to December and are published annually.

Project Outputs

Our Project Outputs include reports, proposals, briefs and resources developed through our projects.

Event Outputs

Our Event Outputs include Proceedings Reports, posters and IEC materials.

Relevant Publications

Relevant Publications include a selection of resources related to avoidable deaths: avoidable deaths; climate change and the environment; development; disasters; disaster support; early warning systems; crisis; global risks; health; Sendai Framework for Disaster Risk Reduction; trans-disciplinary research; and words into action guidelines.

Repository of Snakebite Information

Through our Avoidable Snakebite Deaths in India project, we have accrued reliable sources of published information from our stakeholders.

Repository of COVID-19 Information

To support our partners in Bangladesh, we launched this Repository of COVID-19 Information in the first phase of COVID-19. This page is no longer being updated.

Videos and Podcasts

Videos and Podcasts features appearances on external platforms. More videos can be found on our YouTube channel.

Photo Gallery

The photo gallery contains all of the photos uploaded onto our website.

Season’s Greetings

The Season’s Greetings contains all of the greeting photos uploaded onto our website.