Who We Are

Who We Are

ADN’s team is truly global. The ADN is currently convened by Dr. Nibedita Ray-Bennett in collaboration with Dr. Hideyuki Shiroshita, Regional Coordinators and an Advisory Board.

Operations Team

The Presidents are based in the UK and Japan, and the Operation Team consists of over 20 volunteers who are based in the ten different countries.

Advisory Board

The Advisory Board consists of 21 multi-disciplinary, world-renowned members from 13 different countries. They who guide ADN with their knowledge, professional expertise and experience related to avoidable deaths.

Regional Coordinators

The Regional Coordinators play a crucial role in bringing local stories and perspectives to ADN’s global community. Currently there are 18 Regional Coordinators based in ten different countries.

Collaborators and Partners

ADN has attracted 21 organisational partners from 11 different countries.

It is with great sadness that we record the loss of influential ADN Members