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The ADN is currently convened by Dr Nibedita Ray-Bennett in collaboration with Dr Hideyuki Shiroshita, Regional Coordinators and Advisory Board. She is supported by an Operations Manager, Media and Communications Manager, Information and Networking Coordinators, Production Coordinator and Administrative Coordinators. ADN’s team is truly global. The Presidents are based in the UK and Japan, and the Operation Team is based in the UK, India, Bangladesh, Pakistan, Uganda, Denmark, and the United Arab Emirates. The Regional Coordinators are based in Asia, Africa, Australasia, Caribbean, Europe, Indian Ocean Islands, Middle East, North America and South America. They play a crucial role in bringing local stories and perspectives to ADN’s global community.

Find out more about joining the ADN, either as a affiliate, partner or regional coordinator.


Dr. Nibedita S. Ray-Bennett (she/her)

Based: England

As the Founding President and Convenor of the ADN, Nibedita leads the development and implementation of strategy for ADN’s growth, public engagement activities, raises grants, produces the Newsletters, Bulletins, line manages the Operation Team, initiates, and leads novel networks (e.g., Eastern Belt Network, Future Leaders Programme etc.).


Dr. Hideyuki Shiroshita  (he/him)      

Based: Japan

As the Founding President of the ADN, Hideyuki works closely with Nibedita for the development of ADN’s strategy and plans and in the delivery of the public engagement activities, manages the poll surveys for knowledge exchange events, IT, conducts research analysis and leads the ADN’s Junior Champion project in Japan.

Editing Manager:

Dr. Madhulika Sahoo (she/her)

Based: India

Dr Madhulika Sahoo is the Managing Editor of ADN, and she will be working closely with Dr Nibedita Ray-Bennet to develop and edit the Handbook on 50 Ways to Reduce Avoidable Disaster Deaths. She will also focus on producing other user-friendly products and publications to raise the visibility of avoidable disaster deaths, nationally and globally.  

Operations Manager:

Mrs. Denise Corsel (she/her)         

Based: England

Founding Operations Manager of the ADN. After three years of overseeing the operations and logistics of ADN, Denise has currently stepped down to focus on completing her PhD Thesis. In her spare times, Denise oversees the website management and capacity building of ADN’s Future Leaders Programme.

Media and Communications Manager:

Mr. Matthew Merry (he/him)         

Based: England

As the Media and Communications Manager of the ADN, Matt conducts website and graphic design.

Activity Coordinator:

Mr. Shahidul Hoque (he/him)

Based: Bangladesh

As an Activity Coordinator of the ADN, Shahid manages ADN’s emails, webpage and social media accounts. He is the point of contact for the Regional Coordinators, Affiliates and ADN India Hub. Shahid also provides all the necessary support required to promote ADN’s events, latest news, welcoming new members – among other things.

Science Society Interface Researcher:

Dr. Aditya Ghosh

Based: England

As the Science Society Interface Researcher, Aditya conducts research to understand how science can be applied at the policy level to minimise disaster deaths. He is the in-house academic editor and disseminates ADN’s work with the press and media.

Administrative Coordinator:

Mr. Alex Skinner (he/him)

Based: Denmark

As an Administrative Coordinator, Alex manages the ADN’s Eastern Belt Network Project. Alex is working with colleagues to create a network of higher education institutions with courses covering avoidable deaths, disaster risk reduction and sustainable development. This includes assisting in development of a research report and subsequent network launch strategy. Additionally, Alex maintains minutes for internal coordination meetings, produces social media content and monitors funding opportunities.

Deputy Operations Coordinator:

Julian Coetzee (ADN)Mr. Julian Coetzee (he/him)

Based: United Arab Emirates

As the Deputy Operational Coordinator for the AND, Julian assists the Operation Team with website updates, and social media posts.  His adaptability allows him to switch roles quickly and succinctly.  Julian loves writing and when opportunity arises, he publishes for the ADN Newsletter and for organisational partners.

Research Administrator:

An image of ADN intern Lauren MacleodMs. Lauren Macleod (she/her)

Based: Scotland

As a  Research Administrator, Lauren is responsible for the administration, marketing and logistical support of the project entitled ‘Exploring the Feasibility and Value of a Regional Network for First Responders (RN4FR) to Reduce Avoidable Disaster Deaths in the Caribbean Region’. As an Information and Networking Coordinator, Lauren is responsible for managing the Special Sessions, Symposiums and Interns in collaboration with the Administrators, Activity Coordinators and Production Coordinator.

Production Coordinator:

Ms. Racheal Nantume (she/her)

Based: Uganda

As a Production Coordinator, Rachael assists Dr Nibedita Ray-Bennett with drafting and developing the ADN Bulletins, Annual Newsletter and Annual Report. Rachael is also involved in event management, working closely with the Special Session speakers.

ADN Hub Japan Administrator:

Ms. Lillian Loescher (she/her)

Based: Japan

As Administrative Coordinator to Japan, Lillian is responsible for managing Japanese language translation, logistics and marketing for ADN events held in Japan. Lillian works closely with Dr. Hideyuki and in collaboration with the Research Coordinator, Activity Coordinators and Administrators.

ADN Hub India Advisor:

Ms. Nimisha Goswami (she/her)

Based: India

As the India Hub Advisor, Nimisha is responsible for partnership building, exploring grant making opportunities and advising the ADN Presidents on current projects globally. She supports the Operation Team with communication and dissemination of information on various events, projects and publications.

Blog Copywriter:

Mr. Tom Caley (he/him)

Based: Asia

Tom is responsible for contributing to the Avoidable Deaths Network blog which can be read here


Knowledge Exchange Public Engagement Coordinator:

Nimra RiazDr. Nimra Choudhary (she/her)

Based: New Zealand, Pakistan

Since joining ADN as an intern, nimra has been engaged with the operations team in a few projects focusing on disaster risk management. More specifically, Dr. Nimra is currently involved on the ADN project – Sexual and Reproductive Health Services in Remote and Hard to Reach (H2R) Areas of Bangladesh.


Mr. David Cowie (he/him)David Cowie

Based: Aberdeen, Scotland

As an intern for the ADN, David assists the Operation Team with any tasks that he is asked to complete.  David is currently working as an intern on the ADN project – Sexual and Reproductive Health Services in Remote and Hard to Reach (H2R) Areas of Bangladesh. David is also currently reading his MSc in Risk, Crisis and Disaster Management at the University of Leicester.


Ms. Rwittambhara Kashyap (she/her)

Based: India

Previously, the Project Coordinator for the Eastern Belt Network Project, Rwittambhara managed and coordinated a team of four Interns to develop a network of higher education institutions across ten eastern states of India. Rwittambhara manages the Reproductive Health in Disasters Facebook page, and supports the Operation Team in different projects, events, and activities as and when needed.


Ms. Anusha Manahil (she/her)

Based: Pakistan

Since joining ADN, Anusha has been involved with the Regional Network for First Responders (RN4FR) in the Caribbean project through data collection. Anusha is also heavily involved in ADN’s graphic design, creating posters and leaflets. Currently, Anusha manages ADN Junior Champion and summer Intern, Arkoneil Ghosh with projects related to Drowning Risk. 


Mr. Biswajit Paul (he/him)

Based: India

Previously, Biswajit worked on the Eastern Belt Network Project team to develop a network of higher education institutions across ten eastern states of India. Currently, Biswajit assists the ADN with event management.


Ms. Srashta Chowdhury (she/her)

Based: India

Previously, Srashta worked on the Eastern Belt Network Project team to develop a network of higher education institutions across ten eastern states of India. Currently, Srashta assists the ADN with event management.


Ms. Isha Biswas (she/her)

Based: England

Isha is currently coordinating the systematic review component of the “Sexual and reproductive health services in remote and hard to reach areas of Bangladesh” whilst supporting the ADN administratively.


Mr. Phillip Best (he/him)

Based: England

Phillip is currently assisting with the ADN project – Sexual and Reproductive Health Services in Remote and Hard to Reach (H2R) Areas of Bangladesh.



Kelly Litsoung (she/her)

Based: England

Kelly Litsoung is currently an MSc student in Risk, Crisis, and Disaster Management at the University of Leicester.

Junior Champion Intern for Special Sessions:

Master Arkoneil Ghosh (he/ him)

Based: India

Arkoneil Ghosh, a 13-year-old student from Mumbai, India, attends Jamnabai Narsee International School. He has been a Junior Champion with ADN since 2020 and has been regularly contributing articles to raise awareness in society about sanitation, education, and pollution. He has been working as an intern, raising awareness about drowning deaths since June 2022. During this time, he researched the topic and conducted interviews with people from various countries around the world to better understand the risk of drowning deaths. He is a polyglot and an avid coder. He can think and communicate in English, Hindi, Bengali, Mandarin, Spanish, Marathi, and Japanese, though only at a basic level. When he is not studying, Arkoneil enjoys reading detective and crime novels. He firmly believes that in order to change the world, one must first change one’s attitude.


Advisory Board Members:

Professor Heiko Balzter (he/him)

Professor of Physical Geography and Director of the Centre for Landscape and Climate Research, University of Leicester, UK.



Professor Daniel Ladley (he/him)

Professor of Finance, Director of the Leicester Finance Research and Industry Group, and Associate Dean for Learning and Teaching within the School of Business, University of Leicester, UK.


Professor Peter Jackson (he/him)

Professor of Economics and Strategies, School of Business, University of Leicester, UK.



Professor Norio Okada (he/him)

Emiratus Professor, Kyoto University, Japan, Advisor to Kwansei Gakuin University, Visiting Professor at Kumamoto University, and Senior Fellow at the Institute for Advanced Sustainability Studies (IASS) in Potsdam, Germany.


Ms. Magda Stepanyan  (she/her)

Founder & CEO of the Risk Society consultancy.




Ms. Aditi Ghosh (she/her)

Former Deputy Humanitarian Director at IPPF Humanitarian Hub, Bangkok, Thailand.




Mr. Mihir R. Bhatt (he/him)

Director of the All India Disaster Mitigation Institute (AIDMI), India.




Ms. Patience Finye Andrew  (she/her)

Atlas Corps fellow at Center for Teen Empowerment, Boston Massachusetts U.S.




Dr. Ambika Prasad Nanda  (he/him)

Head of Corporate Social Responsibility of Tata Steel in Odisha, India.




Ms. Cecilia Aipira (she/her)

Disaster Risk Reduction Regional Advisor for Africa based in UNDP Regional Service Centre in Addis Ababa.




Mr. Hamdou R. Wane (he/him)

Retired senior economist from the Untied Nations Economic Commission for Africa (UNECA), Founder and managing director of Albida International LLC, Dakar, Senegal.




Mr. Steve Glovinsky (he/him)

An international development consultant specializing in development and change, with over 40 years’ experience in the UN system.



Mr. David Wales (he/him)

Founder of SharedAim.




Professor Michael G Petterson (he/him)

Professor of Geology, School of Science, Auckland University of Technology, 
New Zealand.




Mohammed Ali Said Albadi (he/him)

Environmentalist and political activist, Sultanate of Oman




Mr. Tony Moore (he/him)

Former President Emeritus and Fellow of the Institute of Civil Protection and Emergency Management.