Institute for Environmental Futures


The Institute for Environmental Futures (IEF) is an interdisciplinary initiative bringing together researchers from across the University of Leicester and is led by Professor Heiko Balzter, Institute Director and ADN Advisory Board Member.

The IEF’s goal is to establish pathways to resilient, sustainable, and just environmental futures in the context of the global challenges of a climate emergency, habitat loss, disaster risk, species extinction, environmental degradation, pollution, population growth, emerging and changing health issues, and rapid socio-economic change.


The IEF’s research is organised into five research challenges: Habitable Earth, Environmental Justice and Natures of Exclusion, Environmental Change and Loss, Climate Risks, and Resilience.

Led by Dr. Nibedita Ray-Bennett, the Avoidable Deaths Network conducts evidence-based research in the context of disaster risk within the research challenge, Climate Risks.

Climate Risks

This challenge addresses disaster risk in terms of climate change, pollution, poverty, vulnerability, and in/direct disaster deaths. Pioneering research on hazards, exposures, vulnerability and risks underpins the development of improved disaster risk governance models and environmental solutions.

The aim is to develop evidence-based lifesaving tools, kits, interventions, innovative technologies and theories to capture and reduce avoidable direct and indirect deaths and diseases. This research challenge strives to build the capacity of disaster responders and other stakeholders such as industries through training courses, knowledge exchange, public engagement webinars and symposia.


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