ADN organises three different types of knowledge exchange and engagment events, which are Special Session Webinars, Symposia, and Side Events in international conferences. These events are delivered in collaboration with our partners and collaborators, virtually as well as in a hybrid format to the public for free.  The aims of the knowledge exchange and engagement events are:

  1. To raise awareness on the concept of avoidable deaths by engaging with multi-disciplinary experts and researchers;
  2. To explore the multi-disciplinary appeal and application of avoidable deaths caused by the natural world (e.g. snake bites) and human-made systems (e.g. premature deaths and maternal deaths during disasters);
  3. To raise awareness on the first two global targets of the UN’s ‘Sendai Framework for Disaster Risk Reduction’, which are geared towards reducing disaster deaths and the number of people affected by disasters by 2030;
  4. To identify the challenges and opportunities of reducing disaster deaths through the concept of avoidable disaster deaths; and
  5. To promote state and non-state collaborations through North-South, South-South and triangular cooperation to advance the agenda of avoidable deaths to achieve the Sustainable Development Goals, especially for Targets 1.5, 3.8, 11.5 and 13.1.

Wherever possible we assess the impact of the knowledge exchange and engagement event in the form of pre- and post-event polls and registration numbers. Some of the impact results can be viewed for each knowledge-exchange event or in our Annual Reports.

The first knowledge exchange Special Session WebinarLet’s Talk About Avoidable Deaths: Views from Multiple Perspectives was launched at the ‘International Conference on Geographical Science for Resilient Communities, Ecosystems and Livelihoods under Global Environmental Change’ (G.O.R.I.L.L.A) on 4 December 2020 in collaboration with Makerere University, Uganda. Since then, ADN has organised more than 20 knowledge exchange and engagement events reaching over thousands of people and featuring more than 80 world-class speakers from all sectors dedicated to reducing disaster deaths.


Upcoming events will be updated soon.


Past Special Sessions and Side Events in International Conferences

We have held Special Session knowledge-exchange events around the world, which have taken place in-person or in hybrid or remote formats.

We have conducted side events at conferences such as the Humanitarian Networks and Partnerships Weeks (HNPW) and Geographical Science for Resilient Communities, Ecosystems and Livelihoods under Global Environmental Change (GORILLA) organised by the UN-OCHA and Makerere University respectively.

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We have held three international Symposiums on the topics of snakebite deaths, disaster responders and avoidable deaths.

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