ADN Junior Champion Magazine (ISSN 2759-0380)


Full Title: ADN Junior Champion Magazine (ISSN 2759-0380)

Short Title: Junior Champion Magazine

The ADN Junior Champion Magazine is led by two junior champions Master Arkoneil Ghosh (Founding Editor) and Miss Prarthona Datta (Deputy Editor). They will feature the voices of the children and of those who are particularly on the frontline bearing the brunt of climate change and extreme weather events, every day. Each Magazine will feature a timely theme. Based on this theme subject-specific experts will be invited to guide the Editors.

Listening to children’s experiences in the latest floods in India

Volume: 1

Publication Date: 12 October 2023

The theme of the first issue is listening to the experiences of children and youths in the summer floods of 2023, which affected 15 states of India. 

ADN Junior Champion Magazine
Issued by ADN Publication, Avoidable Deaths Network (ADN)
Head Offices
Japan: Kansai University, Takatsuki
UK: University of Leicester, Leicester