Reflective Brief from ADN’s Solution Exchange Officer, Jos Bal

Reflective Brief from ADN’s Solution Exchange Officer, Jos Bal

A reflective brief comes from our Solution Exchange Officer, Jos Bal. Jos is currently a policy advisor in the Zuid-Holland Zuid Safety Region in The Netherlands. Jos is also a volunteer firefighter in the rank of Lieutenant. Please find his reflective brief below: 

“We are totally busy with Covid-19. This crisis has a lot of effect on the healthcare system and society as a whole. We are (among others) responsible for coordinating between the healthcare organisations, who are individually organised. It is very interesting to contribute to the disaster management strategies of these companies. It brings people and organisations together. It brings up the best in us.

Covid-19 shows the interdependency of very lean organised the healthcare system (sort of ’Tight Coupling’ that Charles Perrow or Nassim Nicholas Taleb postulated about the fallacy of efficacy, because of its lack of redundancy). It shows the vulnerability of the world as a village (Ulrich Beck). It is exactly an incident that everyone knew was going to happen, it is in all of our risk profiles. However, we didn’t foresee these effects. In my opinion, this is complex systems thinking, interdependency, socio-technical, black swans, etcetera. Interesting times.”

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