Update from Our ADN Junior Champion, Arkoneil Ghosh

Update from Our ADN Junior Champion, Arkoneil Ghosh

Coding Coronavirus:

Our 10-year ADN Champion Arkoneil Ghosh has developed a coding game for Coronavirus. It’s fun and extremely useful. You will need to click to play this coding game: Coding Game – Coronavirus

I am sure together we can make this world healthy. -Arkoneil Ghosh

Letter from Arkoneil Ghosh:

Dear Ms. Nibedita,

Initially, I thought my exams are over and I would spend my entire team playing outside with my friends and also go out with the family to see different places. But, alas everything has come to a standstill with us being isolated for our own safety due to the Novel Coronavirus.

To be very honest, the constant news on deaths is not something happy that I would as a child-like to read every morning. 

Social distancing is a trauma that has inbuilt a fear into us.

These days, we are not able to step outside the house and even talk to your neighbors.

I am spending my days by coding, reading newspapers, watching some nice movies which these days are some of the Bengali classic movies which I have been introduced to like Byomkesh.

As kids, I feel we will soon start feeling very lonely.

Reading through William Blake’s poem “Echoing Green” and Robert Louis Stevenson’s “Summer sun” makes me dream of getting back those beautiful days to enjoy nature outside.

From this part of the world, here I am wishing everyone a safe life.

I would volunteer for some online ADN campaign to engage kids through reading stories.


Arkoneil Ghosh

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