Exploring Argentina

By Arkoneil Ghosh: ADN Junior Champion and member of the IAD4AD Advisory Committee-

I recently traveled to Argentina from 10th June to 22st June 2023. I attended the 3rd  Authors Meet of Latin America in Goya, Corrientes. During the course of them, I had an engaging interaction with some of the schools based in the Corrientes province. I was also interviewed by local TV channels and newspapers.

We crossed through various spectacular sights such as the Obelisk, the President’s palace. We visited San Isidro, a city in Greater Buenos Aires. San Isidro is known for housing the home of the great author ‘Victoria Ocampo’ known as Villa Ocampo. After walking around the city, we stopped for lunch. The locals often eat ‘asado’ for lunch. It is a grill which is called the ‘parilla’. It is accompanied by french fries or ‘papa fritas’. We went on to walk towards the suburbs and eventually ‘Barrio de San Telmo, the neighborhood of San Telmo. Some of the attractions of San Telmo include churches, cafes, museums, food halls, and even souvenir shops. Next, we visited ‘Barrio de la Boca’ which houses the home stadium of the famous Argentine football team ‘Boca Juniors’. I also tried out empanadas, a part of the local gastronomy. You must visit Buenos Aires!

The next day, we arrived in the wonderful city of Goya, where we were welcomed by the director of the Gauchesco Museum Curuzu, Ms. Gladys Mercedes Acevedo. The museum houses artifacts by the Gaucho. Ms. Gladys is also an author having written various books about her culture. We had an interview with the news reporters who asked us about India and were keen to know more. Later in the day, I had a talk at Obispo Alberto Devoto School, in the outskirts of Goya. I have been conferred as an honorary godfather for the school. The next day, I had to deliver more talks to various schools. I also had a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity to do Chamame, the local dance which is quite different from tango! We had one more interview with a journalist who was also keen to know about the books I published and India. On the outskirts of the city of Bella Vista, lies one of the largest fossil reserves in northern Argentina: the Toropí stream. The great diversity of species and the excellent state of preservation in which the remains are found surprises paleontologists. The next 2 days were the conference at the museum where I got a chance to meet various authors and poets. I spoke about ADN, the work we do, and showing the website. The other authors were impressed. I tried the local cuisine, such as milanesa, surubi, choripan mbaipy.

The next day, we left for Rosario with Ms. Gladys. On the way, we saw the topography of the Pampas grassland. The next day, we visited the stadium of the local football team: Newell’s Old Boys. We then went to the riverside on the banks of Rio Parana. In the evening, we visited the river shore. There were preparations going on for the Flag Day. The next day, we visited the neighborhood of the famed footballer Messi. We then went to a local museum where we witnessed the Gaucho population who were here for Flag Day.

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  1. Very well written with clarity of thought. It was a real pleasure reading it and felt like we walked along with author through the streets of the different places in Argentina ! Bravo Arkoneil! Keep up the noble work and never stop writing. Best wishes always!

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