Magda Stepanyan

Advisory Board Member: Ms. Magda Stepanyan

Founder & CEO of the Risk Society consultancy. She holds an MA in Sociology (Yerevan State University, Armenia), MSc in Public Administration (Leiden University, the Netherlands), and The International Certificate in Risk Management from The Institute of Risk Management (UK). Her main areas of expertise include disaster risk reduction, disaster and climate risk governance, civil protection, resilience programming, enterprise risk management (ERM), project/programme/portfolio risk management, national risk assessment, risk management of trust funds. She has over 20 years management and consultancy experience, working with organizations such as WB, EC, Red Cross, UN, OSF, IDB, NRC NORCAP, and others in Eastern and Western Europe, Western Balkans, South Asia, Central Asia, South Caucasus, South East Asia, Africa, Arab states, Caribbean region.