Julian Coetzee

Julian Coetzee (ADN)ADN Administrative Coordinator: Julian Coetzee


With over twenty years full time work experience in various career paths including law enforcement, distribution, information technology security and financial services, Julian has built up a wealth of expertise in managing large corporate and SME organizations.  His current role within the insurance industry enables him to help clients to adopt appropriate risk management strategies as well as transfer their financial risks to contracts of insurance when needed. Julian is also currently busy with his MSc in Risk, Crisis and Disaster Management, at the University of Leicester, under the guidance of Dr. Nibedita Ray-Bennett.  His academic and professional areas of interest include Complexity Leadership Theory and High Reliability Organizational Theory. Julian volunteers his time and skills to the Avoidable Deaths Network in the hopes of helping to save the lives of vulnerable individuals by utilizing Disaster Risk Reduction initiatives and Emergency Management planning.