Closed Special Session – November 2022

Closed Special Session on Raising Awareness on Intercultural Understanding of the Environment

This page contains the Description and details of the Facilitator.



We hosted a closed Special Session on Monday 14 November 2022, entitled ‘Raising Awareness on Intercultural Understanding of the Environment’. It took place on Zoom at 13:00 GMT (UK).

Facilitated by ADN Regional Coordinator UK, Dr. Christian Morgner (University of Sheffield), this workshop addressed how we can raise awareness on approaching global environmental concerns from the perspective of diversity and inclusion.

Although climate change is a universal human concern, different cultural understandings of nature and ecology impact decisions about what needs to be protected. However, these intercultural differences are not properly acknowledged at international environmental conferences, leading to implementation failures at the local level. 

To deliver a more inclusive and sustainable approach to environmental standards, we explored on this workshop how we can better access these local understandings, discussing potential solutions, for instance, through training and policy guidelines, how we can better engage with local communities, but also facilitate dialogue and listening on different understandings. As such, we engaged in a number of questions and smaller tasks that was explored in the group and small break-out room exercises. The workshop lasted for about 60min and was recorded for internal purposes.


Dr. Christian Morgner

Senior Lecturer in Cultural and Creative Industries, Management School, University of Sheffield, UK.