Future Leaders for Avoidable Deaths

ADN works to nurture Future Leaders in the field of Avoidable Deaths and improve their leadership and employability skills through expert mentoring and engaging internships for activities related to ADN’s activities. The previous and ongoing activities of our leaders for avoidable deaths are outlined below.

Leaders for Avoidable Deaths


Leaders for avoidable deaths are of two types:

  • Junior Champions (10-17 years of age)
  • Future Leaders (18 years of age and above).

They join ADN as interns and dedicate 4-7 hours each week in a specific project.

The aims of these activities are:

  • To promote social consciousness amongst leaders for avoidable deaths by involving them in various disaster risk reduction, health and development projects, knowledge exchanges and engagement activities;
  • To equip them with confidence, knowledge, experience and belief that they can be agents for change, and that they can make the planet a better place to live;
  • To give opportunities to the youths and leaders (current and future) in relation to activity (i) especially from socio-economically challenged circumstances.