Birthday Wishes from Professor Peter Jackson

The Coronavirus (Covid-19) pandemic has now caused an increase in
the death rate amongst vulnerable groups. Because Covid-19 took the
world by surprise it is a reasonable proposition to argue that many of
these Covid-19 related deaths could have been avoided if governments
around the world had been adequately prepared. No matter the
origins of the surprise, the number of avoidable deaths depends upon
society’s preparedness for catastrophic events. This in turn depends
upon governments and official agencies exercising imagination to think
about and to plan for alternative futures and to invest the necessary
resources to prepare for them. Unfortunately avoidable deaths come
about because of a lack of imagination and an under investment of
resources to deal with surprises when they happen. Around the world
our leaders are playing roulette with citizen’s lives in the forlorn hope
that surprises will not happen, but inevitably the do. Life is full of
surprises and many of them are not pleasant.

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