Ranjit Mahalik

Regional Coordinator: Ranjit Mahalik

Ranjit Mahalik is a passionate social development management professional with 13 years of experience in end-to-end large-scale (multi-state and pan-India) project delivery and management of skill development, vocational education, entrepreneurship development, sustainable livelihood, and employment guarantee programs. He is the Regional Head for three states and manages over seventy staff at NIRD, a Central Govt. Project Management Consulting and Monitoring agency of Min. of Rural Development, where he monitored and implemented skill/vocational and livelihood projects across India. Working in Skills, Education, and Livelihood projects, WASH, Women and Child Health, Promotion and Formation of FPOs, Entrepreneurship Development, and Agricultural Sustainability and Scalability; targeting senior-level assignments with Consulting, Government Advisory, corporate, and other reputable organizations. He studied sustainable development, livelihood development, and agriculture at the National Institute of Rural Development in Hyderabad, India. Ranjit empowers underprivileged people and promotes sustainable development through livelihood development, especially agriculture and rural development.