Pangkhi Medhi

Research Assistant for the project:
Social Distancing: Cross- Cultural Perspectives from Bangladesh, India, Japan and U.K.:
 Ms. Pangkhi Medhi

Pangkhi is a passionate researcher with the zeal to learn at every phase. She gained her master degree in Biochemistry.

She started her professional career as a research assistant in National Brain Research Centre, India. She was part of projects wherein the effect of IGF (insulin-like growth factor) and stem cells on stroke models in different projects were observed. Working for NBRC gave her the real insights of scientific research which was crucial.

She relocated to the UK and started her career in Loughborough University. She joined as an academic visitor and characterized natural, bio polymeric collagen microneedle arrays loaded with Lidocaine by studying the swelling properties, drug permeation through skin stratum corneum, dissolution studies. After the completion of the project she continued working and carried out literature review on prospective technologies for a biosensor to be used for detecting anti microbial resistance as a Research Assistant in the Centre for Biological Engineering, Innovative manufacturing in Regenerative Medicine, Loughborough University. Pangkhi moved on to another role as a Research Associate in the same to carry our preliminary investigation to optimise the design of a solar water treatment for rural areas of sub- Saharan Africa in WEDC (Water Engineering and Development Centre); School of Architecture, Building and Civil Engineering. Continuing in Loughborough University as Research Associate in the School of Architecture, Building and Civil Engineering she carried out market review and analysis on the future prospects and investments of Intelligent Mobility. She then carried out literature review on recent developments in the field of Spintronic Biosensors; this was in the School of Science, Loughborough University. These experiences were inevitable and gave her immense knowledge about working with different groups. Furthermore, gave her the opportunity to be able to mould her to the requirements of each individual role.

With a background in life sciences, Pangkhi however developed great interest in working for developmental work while she was associated with WEDC (Water Engineering and Development Centre), Loughborough University. Apart from educating herself to grow, she is ardently feels to dedicate her knowledge for the betterment of society.

She is currently the Research Assistant for the project ‘Social Distancing: Cross- Cultural Perspectives from Bangladesh, India, Japan and U.K.‘.