Special Session Webinar Series – Women’s Stories of Survival, Innovation, Resilience and Development

Special Session Webinar Series on Women’s Stories of Survival, Innovation, Resilience and Development



The Avoidable Deaths Network (ADN) and the Institute for Environmental Futures in collaboration with Auckland University of Technology’s Bringing Research into International Development and Global Equity (BRIDGE) Network, South Asia Alliance of Disaster Research Institutes (SAADRI) – Sri Lanka Chapter led by the University of Colombo, University of Leicester’s School of Business and Women Inspiration Network and the New Vision University are organizing four webinars to capture women’s stories of survival, innovation, resilience and sustainability in exceptional circumstances such as political crisis, climate-related disasters, human-induced resource scarcity (among others).

These joint Special Session Webinars are knowledge exchange public engagement activities. Therefore, registration for all four webinars is open to everyone. Our first Webinar will be launched on the 8th of March on International Women’s Day. We hope you will join us.

Details of the four Special Session Webinars are as follows:

8 March 2023
Between Hope and Fear: Afghan Women and Girls in Political Transition

This Special Session is facilitated by Dr. Ayse Yildiz (School of Business, University of Leicester) and Dr. Inshah Malik (New Vision University and ADN-Regional Coordinator, Afghanistan). 

For more information and to register, please click here.

31 May 2023
South Asian Women’s Stories of Resource Scarcity, Conservation and Sustainability: Sri Lanka, Nepal and India

This Special Session is organised by Professor Deepthi Wickramasinghe (SAADRI – Sri Lanka Chapter, University of Colombo).

7 July 2023
Gender Responsive Budgeting and GDP: Where is the Voice of women?

This Special Session is organized by Dr. Sari Andajani and Dr. Eilidh Thorburn (BRIDGE Network, Auckland University of Technology).

13 October 2023
Women’s Stories of Enterprise, Empowerment and Sustainability.

This Special Session is organized by Dr. Lucy Ferdous (Women Inspiration Network, University of Leicester).