How Can Social Distancing be Achieved in Dharavi, Mumbai?

How Can Social Distancing be Achieved in Dharavi, Mumbai?

By:  Arkoneil Ghosh, ADN Junior Champion

It is indeed a great concern for sensitizing the rural population about social distancing. The question here is not whether they want to do or can they do?
The question is how will they do? During my personal visit to Dharavi, I realized that they live in a very small house with bare minimum basic structures. Basic hygiene for them is a challenge. Basic primary health care is unavailable for them.
I think what the government needs to do and I appreciate that Indian Govt has decided to provide ration to them for the next 3 months.
Probably at this juncture the government can take some measures like providing 24 hours water so that they don’t queue up together and further infect themselves with the diseases.
The shops inside the slums need to be taught about not allowing more than 3 people at a time with a 1-meter distance.
Regular medical check-up camps by government hospitals.

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