Kelly Litsoung

Intern: Kelly Litsoung

Kelly Litsoung is currently an MSc student in Risk, Crisis, and Disaster Management at the University of Leicester. Passionate about natural hazards, she graduated from the University of the Western Cape in 2018 in Applied Geology, then she started an MSc program in Geophysics at the Karlsruhe Institute to further her knowledge of the topics.  After an insightful Volcanological Risk field trip in Stromboli in Italy, she chose to specialize in Disaster Management to prevent catastrophes and decrease the number of casualties. She completed a Global Disaster Risk Reduction and Management Pathway online course through the Humanitarian Leadership Academy which increased her interest in raising awareness and building resilience followed by effective disaster recovery response programs.  

She joined the Avoidable Death Network to gain experience and practical knowledge in the Risk and Disaster field, especially in the Natural Hazard’s related catastrophes in which she had some background theoretical knowledge.