Nimra Choudhary

Nimra Riaz

Knowledge Exchange Public Engagement Coordinator:                Dr. Nimra Choudhary (she/her)

Based: New Zealand, Pakistan

Since joining ADN as an intern, Nimra has been engaged with the operations team in a few projects focusing on disaster risk management. More specifically, Dr. Choudhary is currently involved on the ADN project – Sexual and Reproductive Health Services in Remote and Hard to Reach (H2R) Areas of Bangladesh.

Nimra is currently studying her Masters in Public Health from Auckland University of Technology (AUT) and her areas of interest is Disaster Risk Management and maternal and newborn deaths. A doctor by profession and having a clinical experience of several years, Nimra has decided to explore the field of public health to better understand the determinants of health and its impacts on the wider community, especially the vulnerable population like women, children, disabled, etc.