What do we do?

Our activities include:

        • Foster trans-disciplinary ideas, partnerships and solutions to reduce avoidable disaster deaths and people affected by disasters for sustainable development in low-and middle-income countries, through knowledge exchange events (conferences, symposiums and webinars).
        • Raise visibility and awareness of the Sendai Framework’s first two targets, through publications, and knowledge exchange events.
        • Develop capacities of disaster responders and other stakeholders, through continuing professional development courses, knowledge exchange events and an information repository.
        • Develop lifesaving tools, kits, interventions, innovative technologies, governance models and theories to reduce the burden of maternal mortality, snakebite mortality, drowning mortality during disasters, and tsunami mortality through evidence-based pioneering research on hazards, exposures, vulnerability and risks.
        • Strengthen connections between disaster responders, through leveraging existing and promoting novel networking platforms.
        • Nurture future leaders for Avoidable Deaths and improve their leadership and employability skills, through expert mentoring and engaging Interns for activities related to 1-5.
        • Publishing Newsletter and Bulletins for knowledge exchange; and
        • Actively soliciting and securing private and public funds to promote the above activities.


Our research themes are:

        • Disaster education.
        • Maternal mortality and morbidity from an unsafe abortion and post-abortion complications during disasters and crises.
        • Direct and indirect disaster deaths.
        • Snakebites deaths during disasters.
        • Lightning deaths.